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Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19

If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID19: Follow typical university sick policy and stay home when you’re sick.  There is no need to notify the COVID Response Center.

  • Per the California Department of Public Health guidelines:
    • Stay home

    • Anyone with new symptoms of COVID-19 should perform antigen testing right away.
    • If a person who was infected with COVID-19 in the last 30 days develops new symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and an alternative etiology cannot be identified, antigen testing may be considered. Interpretation of positive test results in such people should be made in consultation with infectious disease or infection control experts.  

    • Contact a healthcare provider or UCM Student Health Services (students only), if you have questions or concerns about your symptoms. 

      • *Monitor your symptoms.  If you experience severe symptoms, including trouble breathing, seek emergency medical care immediately by calling 911 or by going to your nearest emergency room.


      • If a person has COVID-19 symptoms and tests negative on an antigen test, they should test again at least a day later (note that antigen tests in infected people may not be positive right away even if symptoms are present). If a person has a negative result on the second test and is still concerned that they could have COVID-19, they may consider antigen testing again at least another day later after the second test (for a total of 3 tests) OR getting a laboratory-based molecular test (such as NAAT/PCR). The person is also highly recommended to call their healthcare provider who may consider testing for other viral infections or illnesses depending on the severity of their symptoms and/or risk of serious disease.

    If test result is positive, see the COVID-19 Positive Page