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Office Ergonomics

Start the new year with improved office ergonomics!


The goal of office ergonomics is to adjust your work station so it fits you. A properly adjusted work station reduces risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders, improving your comfort, efficiency and productivity throughout the workday.  UC Merced Evironmental Health & Safety partners with Be Smart About Safety Foundation to provide staff and faculty with in-person ergonomic evaluations and vouchers to purchase recommended equipment.  For more information, visit the EH&S website.


3 tips to help improve your office ergonomics:

  1. Watch your head position. If you feel tightness in your shoulders and neck, you are likely holding your head and/or elbows in front of your body. Try to keep your head aligned with your shoulders, elbows, and hips.
  2. Don’t slouch! Slouching puts more pressure on your spine and muscles. Pretend you have a string that goes up your spine through the top of your head. Pull the string upward to be longer through your spine.
  3. Get up and move! Incorporating micro movements throughout the workday can improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

Check out the Office Ergonomics Tip Sheet for more information!



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